The Tree of Life Foundation International is a global non-profit organization with the mission and vision of supporting organizations locally, nationally, and internationally by providing resources, donations, gifts, and talents that help people, defend animals, and protect the environment.

Since 2006, the Tree of Life Foundation International is proactive with the local communities helping the homeless, people suffering from substance abuse, and families that have been struggling with rent, mortgages, and utilities. The Tree of Life Foundation International is supported by the Schumacher Family Foundation which provides all administrative costs and resources, donations, gifts, and talents. All donations received by the Tree of Life Foundation International, 100% go back into the community and to the organizations in which we serve.

Tree of Life International raises global awareness and supports the needs of countries such as Haiti, Congo, Sudan, Brazil, and Guyana through a network of twenty-three branches. These branches include Addiction and Substance Abuse, Ambassadors, Animals, Arts, Clothing, Energy, Education, Environment, Food, Global Challenges, Homeless, Housing, Human Rights, Logistics, Media, Medical, Natural Disasters, Orphanages, Philanthropists, Professionals, Science and Technology, Sports, and Volunteers.

The Global Heart Award is presented annually by the Tree of Life Foundation International to an organization from each of the twenty-three branches which shares our vision. The Global Heart Award is granted on a regional and international platform. The Tree of Life Foundation International also holds an Annual Global Summit which gives Ambassadors and leaders an international voice and empowers them to work together in a concerted global effort. All the organizations in each of the twenty-three branches are making a powerful impact in filling the needs of the international community.

Through dedication and compassion, the Tree of Life Foundation International also supports the Tree of Life Center, a non-profit organization that restores lives by providing housing, food, clothing, education, jobs, cleaning up records, community services in a 12 month residential program to men and women who are homeless, suffering addictions, losing their jobs, and homes.

Future plans of the Tree of Life Foundational International include building Tree of Life Centers that provide structural bases of operations for organizations working in various countries around the world. The centers will be of use for global partnering to expand operations and further our "vision."




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